Saturday, February 9, 2008

Visitor for tonight...

We invited one of my husband co-worker to come by in the house and have dinner with us. It’s been a while we never invite someone to come visit our house. Last week I invited our friend to have dinner with us but she refused it because she is busy and she told me that she will come by here in the house this week together with the kids, so that Dustin have a chance to met them and to play with the 2 kids she taking care of. Well, that is a good idea, I think that would be great if she come by here with the kids. Tonight we decided to make a spaghetti with meatballs, we have garlic bread, cheese cake for dessert and red wine. My husband love to have red wine for dinner, we also have white Riesling too. It’s 14 minutes to 4 and his co-worker will come at 5-6pm. So I don’t need to rush cooking dinner because its still early, I can start at quarter to 5pm. So will see him for tonight!

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