Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Something Red tagged...

Its Valentines Day! most people love to wear red. Color red is a sign of "LOVE". And im so thankful that Rosemarie send me this "something red tagged". Actually i dont wear red so much, but i have a nice red blouse that i always wear everytime we go to our meeting. I tried to find it on my photo album and im glad i found few photos which i wear color red blouse that time. So here it goes!

The first photo taken in our new house, we are ready to go our meeting that time and i decided to take one picture before we go. The 2nd one is taken last year on our house we rented, that is outside in our garage with Dustin. The 3rd one is me and tahnee, taken last year also when tahnee celebrate her shower party for her wedding.

I am passing this tagged to Weng, Janet, Elaine, DDS and Joydob.

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JOY said...

Hmmm..this is cute..involves pictures..let me think I guess I will do this just today valentines day..Cool fem thanks.