Thursday, February 7, 2008

Our Book Study...

Our book study went well..I though she wont come at 1:00 pm because im used to it everytime she comes at 1:00 but last week we change it into 2:30 pm and i thought our schedule will come back to normal but i think i was wrong hehe :-) 2:30pm is okay with me. Anytime i am available because i am only staying here on the house with Dustin. We had a very good discussion on our study. We had continuation topic about the marriage life and how to be subjection to your husband as a wife. And also we discussed about "being no part of the world". Will it make sense, now i understand why jehovah's witness dont want to be involved in political matters, pagans celebrations because they dont want to be part of the world which we see that the worlds are getting worst. Lots of problems, wars, killing each other and other things.

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