Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Life Lock

Nowadays, its not safe anymore to give your identifications especially if someone asking your pin code, ssn or even your credit card number online. We need to be aware with these because the internet is such a fertile ground for identity thieves. As you noticed that you receive lot of spam and junk mail, be careful with that because most of that emails are Scams and Freud. Some of them are viruses who will going to destroy the file at your computer. But most of all we need to be aware that no one could steal our identity. Giving our credit card number is not safe so make it sure that we are not the next victims for identity theft.

There’s a lot of spam and identity theft going on right now, one of my friend have been one of the victims. I remember when she told me that they having trouble identifying the person who steal their credit card number and steal the money at their bank account. Well, it happens when we don’t careful. Im so glad because LifeLock is there to help us to be more aware from identity theft. Life Lock provides no more junk email, $1 million guarantee, free credit reports, no more unsolicited credit card offers and you will notice if anyone tries to use your credit cards. What could you ask for? We need this LifeLock right now to be safe from identity theft. If you sign up you can get a LifeLock promotion code and you can get discounts from them. For more information visit

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