Monday, February 11, 2008


Way back in the Philippines, i always love to watch koreanovela. They have pretty and good looking actors and actresses. Some of them are so cute hehe, i like some of their characters and the story is kind a interesting. I remember when i watch koreanovela before, i forgot the title but i can still remember the girl name "Eugene". That was amazing story, i really love that. This morning one of my friend introduce me this new koreanovela title "The man in the Vineyard". This is so funny and hilarius. Their love team is great. Yoon Eun Hye is a great actress, she looks so cute and funny on this movie. You better watch this, i think you will love it also the way i do. Thanks Weng for sharing this video!

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Lyle, RN said...

My girlfriend is crazy about Koreanovelas. Trying to understand what's so good about these koreanovelas, I agreed to watch My Name is Kim Sam Soon. It was OK but still couldn't understand why so many people are hooked.

I first got a glimpse into the korean craze when my girl friend bought Full House and asked me to watch it ahead to see if it was any good because she didn't like the lead actor back then.

I was so hooked to Full House that I watched it 18 hours a day stopping only to eat and do the number 1 and 2.

It was then that I knew why a lot of people get hooked with koreanovelas.

Now, I am so hooked that I blog hop jumping from one blog to another finding blog posts about Koreanovelas.

If you're into koreanovelas and want to find nice reviews about past and upcoming series like The Man in the Vineyard, you should check out this blog called, Han Mania (

It's nice.