Wednesday, February 13, 2008

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The first time I saw bride and prejudice, im starting to like Indian Actress name Aishwarya Rai. She’s really pretty, her eyes are amazing, I like it that way. She is the most beautiful face around India. There are some more pretty actresses in India but only Aishwarya Rai that really caught my attention. Her face look perfect for being an Indian model. And guess what? I never knew that Aishwarya is Miss World winner. That was interesting. Isn’t that great that my favorite Indian actress is a Miss World? I love researching all her photos but sometimes it takes me long time to find some of her model photos in other search engine. I search it anywhere but I never find the one that I like, only has, all descriptions about her and all the movies she make too. Oh well, when my friend recommend me, I research Indian Actresses and I found Aishwarya there. Im really so happy that I found the one that im looking for. How about you? Who are your favorite Indian Actress? If you want to find more Indian Actress, you can Find any Indian Actress on, so hurry find your favorite Indian actress now!

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