Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Entrecard Contest tagged...

I got this tagged from Elaine, it said that i could earn points from joining this contest, just answer the questions and maybe i am the one who will win 300 credits. hehe :-) will see what happens hehe...

"It’s very easy to earn points, all you need to do is answer the questions below in your comments and you’d be entitled for 1 point per question answered. You do not have to answer all the questions, just choose which are applicable to you. This contest will only run until the 14th of Feb. I would let you know the result right away. Three bloggers would have a chance to win 300 EC credits each. This contest is not only for those who are in a relationship but for singles as well."

1. How would you spend Valentines? me and my husband celebrate valentines everyday. We dont need a special date to celebrate. How we spend it? well we go out for dinner and spend time together as a family.
2. What do you like most about your partner? He is sweetest person i've ever meet. His one of a kind thats why i love him.
3. What do you think does your partner like most about you? He said he likes me for being what i am, my sweetness and being cute hehe :-)
4. How did you and your special someone meet? We meet online at (cherry blossoms)
5. What’s the most romantic thing your partner ever did for you? When he sing me a wonderful song at the karaoke bar where my brother in law work and when he request 3 love songs to those band who work at the resort and he dedicated it to me, isn't that sweet hehe :-)
6. If you are single, what do you miss most about being in a relationship? I love being married, im tired of being single and always broken hearted.
7. And the final question, of course…. What is your definition of love? Love is greatest gift of God, we need to show love to one another and not hurting because we are all created by God because of his deepest love to us as his creation.


Elaine said...

much for being the first participant of the contest. Cheers! :) I'll keep you updated with the result.

Elaine said...

Thank you so much for being the first participant of the contest. Cheers! :) I'll keep you updated with the result.

femikey said...

thanks for inviting me elaine, :-) i appreciate it nice to have tagged from your fellow pinay bloggers.. :)