Thursday, January 31, 2008

What a nice discussion...

I have my bible study again this afternoon, instead of 1:00pm we make it to 2:30pm. Not bad for me because i only staying here in the house with dustin so i am available anytime, anyday. I really love our discussion for today because we talk about marriage and how the family need to practice headship like it said in the bible that the husband need to submit his headship to Jesus, wife submit the headship to their husband, and Jesus submit the headship to God. As long they put God in the middle of their relationship, then the marriage will become strong and happy. I noticed that there's a lot of young couples get divorced because they can't get along together and they give up right away especially when the problem arise. We also discussed about the 3 reasons that the marriage will end up of separation. It's a nice discussion though, i learned a lot and i know now that as a couple we need to work on it and try to solve the problems in a good way without using abusive words and something that could hurt anyone. Im looking forward for our book study tonight, so hopefully my husband will be home early and dustin will be good mood too! :-)

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