Friday, January 18, 2008

Went to the mall...

We went to the mall this afternoon when my husband came home from work. He promise that we will going out tonight for dinner and instead of going to the expensive restaurant, we decided to go to the mall and just take a walk there and get my repaired necklace at the pawnshop. Well, we having good time, we take dustin to the playground inside the mall and we had dinner at the food court which the owner is also a Filipino. It's nice to meet filipino people inside the mall. They really had a good business there. After that we go to Mervyns, we bought some clothes for me, some t-shirts and blouse. Too bad because Mervyns will going to closed, they are not doing good on their business. But the good thing is they really have good sale 30%-50% for everything. Maybe we can come back this week again to buy some more clothes for me and dustin.

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