Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Social Network for High School Sports

Way back in high school days, I never had a chance to join school games. I love to watch football but football game is not that popular in the Philippines. When I arrived here on States I always watch those high school students play football in the field. My husband is a football player when he was on high school and he really did good. I have photos of him with his football team, his mom kept it for a long years. He’s 16 years old that time.

Our son is 2 years old and my husband always tell me that someday, Dustin will be a football player when he grow up. So glad I found this they have all the list of High School Sports including High School Football and High School Basketball. Its long year to wait but I know someday will come our son will be one of them.

But anyway, I also recommend this website to those high school students to be part of this website, not only that this is also designed to make coaches lives easier. So it means this is not only for the students but also to all great coaches and athletes. They provide great videos and photos from recent games. If you have your favorite team you can keep on track also at their website. What I like at their website, its very sporty background and they have great video for all my favorite games. So sign up at and check your favorite groups and practice schedule. With these, they helped high school athletes to be more successful in sports. So what are you waiting for? Be part of the team now!

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