Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Register Domain

Do you want to pay less for your domains? I think I found the best place to get a very affordable domain names on the web. I have domain but I payed $8.95 every month. I think I better delete that account and transfer here at At least I can pay only $11.95 per year. How great was that? Its very affordable and its per year basis not monthly. I been looking this for almost a month and im so glad to find their website. I am planning to have my own register domain, hopefully this month. I have 3 blogs and I think its better if I make one of it as my domain.

A friend of mine already had her domain too. So its kind a interesting if I have my own also. To those people out there planning to create website and still looking for a domain name. Please visit, I am sure you will love to get your domain at their website. It is very affordable, 24/7 customer support and fast domain approval. What are you waiting for? Try it now and make your own domain!


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pari kaushik said...

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