Monday, January 21, 2008

No tasked this day...

Well, I don’t have any task today. I think they ran out of opps for the day, hopefully I can get opps this afternoon. Huhmmm, maybe I am expecting too much with them. But its okay I know they will give more, maybe one of this days. I just receive my 186 from smorty on my paypal. I still have some more reviews waiting for approval from them. I have 162 approved, but still waiting for the 21. 276 from PPP but I only receive 25dollars from them at my paypal, still waiting for more!

This time, while im waiting for my daily task this afternoon, I washed our dirty clothes and our bed sheet. I do cleaning also here in the house, watching my favorite video at you tube and watching tv with my son. Oh, its nice to relax this day because its kind a cold outside. Maybe I will take a nap later. Got to grab some snack while watching TV! Hehe :-) happy blogging and have a great day everyone!

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