Friday, January 18, 2008

Nap Time...

Im glad i take a nap this afternoon, im really so tired because the dog wakes me up so early today. But im glad they are all fine now, they are all sleeping also at the kitchen, im done cleaning and i finished my tasked this morning. I think my 30 minutes nap helps a lot to make me feel better a little bit. Not so much but its okay. Im so thankful also that i dont need to cook for our dinner tonight because my husband will take us out for dinner. Isn't that great? hehe :-) I think we will going to eat our dinner to our favorite restaurant. We dont have plan yet of where we go tonight but well see.. after my 30 mins nap, i check my email right away and my account at smorty then moolah! i have 6 tasked waiting for me. Thank you smorty!

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