Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My Lucky Day...

Yay, I still have 5 tasked to do at ppp but too bad I cant do it right now because I already reach the maximum post. Hope those tasked will still be there until tomorrow morning. Im so happy also because smorty are really good to me, they sent me the $186 last 2 days and now they are sending me again the $255. Im still waiting for my 11 post that is waiting for approval. More opps to come this week, I hope. So, I am withdrawing my 500 dollars from my paypal and im so happy because I can send my family 150 dollars as part of my earnings. I still have 102 left on my paypal so maybe next month I could withdraw again another 500 because paypal has limit for withdrawing your account. And its maximum $500 a month. At my ppp account i already earned $321 but they only send me the $30 so im still waiting for the rest. And guess what? I also receive my check $10 from mysurvey.com. This is my 2nd check since I join on their survey. I think today is my lucky day!..

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