Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Lunarpages Offer for Dreamhost Customers

Since last year I been stuck with my web hosting because that time, I want to start my website right away and I want to try if how their web hosting works. I tried many web hosting sites but I end up deleting all my accounts because I am not happy with it and their website is kind a hard for me to understand. The day goes by I never been happy with it and I rather choose the free web hosting or should I say blogging and forget updating my website. I think I need to delete my account to them and start a new a changes. I found this Lunarpages and it caught my attention right away. This is a great offer to all webmasters who wants to start their own dream host website. Not only that they are giving you a chance to get this coupon code and you can save $40 off hosting with Lunarpages!

Choosing the right web hosting, as a webmasters we are looking for a great deal, affordable price, have a big storage space so that you can download anything you want, with free domain name for the affordable cost. I think Lunarpages have everything that webmasters need! With them you can get 15,000GB of transfer and 1,500GB of storage, free domain name and 10 add-on domains for a very low price $6.95 a month + loads. Isn’t that a good deal? Yes it is! Because me on my web hosting before I paid more than that for the amount of $8.95 a month.

Why not stick to the other web hosting company if you are not satisfied and happy with it right? Lunarpages offer for Dreamhost Customers a very great service. They are in business for over 8 years and they provide beginner, basic, business, windows, Linux, vps and dedicated hosting services. So try it now and make your own Dreamhost at

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This is definitely a tough time for Dreamhost but an opportunity for other competitors to benefit over it.