Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Im glad its Tuesday...

What I loved on Tuesday is that i can relax more because I already clean the house yesterday, washed our dirty clothes, vacuum and wipe all our furnitures. Its Tuesday so its time for me to relax and have fun here in the house together with Dustin. This morning, i am practicing singing karaoke, because my voice still not improving. Maybe it wont improved anymore! hehe. Just keep on practicing Fe, maybe one day you will be good on singing and when you come back to the Philippines, you can sing videoke without feeling shy with your voice.

Anyway, im glad to grab some opps from smorty and ppp. So it keeps me busy for the day also. I only have 1 last tasked to do and after this i will practice singing again hehe :-) wanna join me singing karaoke? lolz... have a good day everyone! happy Tuesday!...

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