Friday, December 14, 2007

What Rose represents my Love?

Your Love is Represented by a Purple Rose

For you, love is all about chemistry and attraction. You totally believe in love at first sight.
If a relationship is right, you know it from the start.
You're often sure of your feelings. And you're not afraid to express them.
I saw this tag to one of my co-blogger friend Rose and it's very interesting to know what kind of rose represent my love also. So I grab it and post it here. I think its very true because i really believe in love at first sight. That's what happen to me when I first met my husband. I fall inlove with him right away at the first time I saw him and he felt the same too from me. And i am not afraid to express my love to him. So, If you want to know what kind of rose represents your love visit blogthings.

1 comment:

Rosemarie said...

hi Fe we have the same color of rose that represent our love. **winks** anyway thanks for snagging this survey.