Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Searching School Online

I never thought how hard it is to look the right school that fits for me. Im still keep searching different kind of school online. It’s kinda confusing because all of them are great and they offers the best as possible to all students. Im comparing all the prices, credits, different courses and the standards of the school. I want to make sure that I make the right choice and wont regret at the end. Asking information from different schools can be a big help for me so that I can compare and make the right decision. This is my opportunity to earn a degree online. It’s been a long time that I never been into school because I graduated my 2 year course degree last 2001 Computer Executive Secretarial. This time I want to pursue a different course, the one that I am interested in Visual Arts and Multimedia Interactive, more on web design. I love computer and explore the world of technology. I want to learn more about technology and web designing. Well, I end up searching of 5 different school online including Art Institute Online, University of Phoenix, AIUOnline, Devry University and Strayer University. Still waiting for the information from their school. Hoping that I can decide before the school year start. Hope I can make the right decision too. Im looking forward to start my degree next year. Im getting excited to go back to school!

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