Tuesday, December 4, 2007

I lost 3 opportunities?

Last night while im checking my opps I was surprised because they give me 3 opportunities to review the products. But then in a few minutes of checking it, I lost the 3 opportunities that i should be taken this day. Too bad, i am not that fast to take that opportunities and somebody already taken it. I thought that opps will stay until this morning but I was wrong. It said that i need to accept the opps before the opportunities are taken to somebody. So I lost $18 :-( anyway I will wait tell they send again another opportunities so that I could earn more. I need to be more faster and take the opportunities right away and dont wait until tomorrow hehe. It's a lesson for me this day.

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Rosemarie said...

if ganyan Fe grab mo agad kasi mawala yan in less than a minute i usually grab those higher payout but u also need to check if it needs PR3. hay,, ako wala pa jud ko makagrab opps sa smorty for 3 days now wawawa man ko...