Friday, December 7, 2007

I been tagged (What did you accomplish this week?)

I got this tag from Peter, I dont know him that much, but I think he is one of the bloggers who are loyally love blogging like me! Well thank you Peter to share this meme tag to me and appreciate it. I have free time this morning so maybe this is the first post im gonna make for this day.

The questions are:
What did you accomplish?
For this week? hmmm I think I accomplish some few things. Like doing my job here in the house, watch our son and I accomplish to do my 4 opps of my paid blogs and i got paid also to my paypal so Im happy about it.

Did anything not go as expected?
Well not actually. Sometimes im having problem with my PC because it shut down without saying anything and it gets me mad because i start all over again writing reviews or post if ever i forget to save it. :-)

What was the highlight of your week?
Oh, this week will be great because my husband take us for shopping! Our 2 years wedding anniversary is coming too this 19th. So i am preparing for that, maybe we will go out for dinner.

Did anything exciting happen you did not expect?
Yes it is! I am not expected that it will be raining today, it is so cold outside and it makes me lazy though for the day!

I am passing this interesting tag to my wonderful co-bloggers Rosemarie, Joydab, Weng, Eurekos, Lord Manila Stone, Prettylifeonline and Raquel.

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Rosemarie said...

ill do this early next week sis hope okay lang. btw i have something for you here