Saturday, December 1, 2007

Add Clock to your blog!

World time server provide local times around the world. I like the way they set up the timer and its so easy to add it to your blog or website. Add free analog web clock now and let people know what time it is in your place.

Clock link also provide fashionable clocks that you can choose whatever you want. It is animation and its easy to copy and paste to your weblog. Just visit their gallery, there you can find different styles of clock. Choose the right one that fits to your blog and enjoy! has also clock generator, they only have 5 clock to choose but you can decide what color and style of the clock you want and then copy the html code after. They provide everything you need just look to the generators side bar and you'll see what you are looking for.


Rosell said...

Happy Monday to you, Femikey! I got you tagged. hope you don't mind and there is no need to rush. the link is here

femikey said...

thanks rosell for the tag, hav a wonderful day i will post it here on my blog right away, :-) happy blogging!