Monday, October 22, 2007

I been tagged! (What's in your Room?")

Thanks Joy for this wonderful tag, i made it differently, hope that's ok. Happy blogging my friend!


In our room? well here are all the list inside our room:
Bedroom: TV, DVD, Books, Mirrors, Clothes in our drawers and to our closet, Gun, Shoes, Picture frames, Paintings, Candles, 2 lamps on each side on our bed and many to mention.

Bathroom: All girls stuff including facial cleanser, shampoos, body wash, razor, cutips, roll on, bathroom cleaner, all shaving tools for my husband and etc.

We have 3 bedroom and 2 full bath. The 2nd room is for our son's bedroom, 3rd one is our computer room.

How many windows are in your room?- all in all for our 3 bedroom, we have 4 windows.
What color are your bed sheets? Blue
Has the opposite sex been on your bed? hubby and our son
What color is your comforter? Blue
Who usually sleeps in your bed other than you? Hubby and kids

I am tagging Rosemarie, Readers-Haven, and Working for Gold

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JOY said...

Cool huh!creative ka you tag again cause i like your creations!!!