Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Start Packing for Vacation

2 days from now we will have our vacation trip to Philippines! So here i am now starting to pack all our things and get ready for our 3 weeks vacation. At last i am back to my homeland again, i miss everything in there specially my family and friends. Not to mention all the fresh sea foods and vegetables from my Mom's garden. Im sure we gonna have lots of fun in there! We will make our 3 weeks vacation so memorable. So Philippines here i come! ;-)


Rudi said...

Have a safe trip Femikey. Take pictures to post on your blog ;-). I embedded the parachat room on my blog now. I mentioned you (and linked) in the post too. If you want your link on my blog, just let me know. I expect a link back of course lol.

Happy holidays


Rudi said...

thanks for the link back. Now go pack lol :p

femikey said...

ur welcome rudi, no problemo! hehe, thanks again for the comments and for the link bank, c yah! hav fun blogging!

Shay said...

that is so exciting femikey! the htought of going home for a vacation makes my heart skip a beat! yes, do make it memorable! go wander in the islands!

femikey said...

thanks shay for the comments, yah i will really make it so memorable! mamya na hapon alis namin punta vegas, then tomorrow night yong flight namin, pray for our safe trip, thanks a lot! hav a great day!

Rosemarie said...

he fe, have a safe trip and enjoy your holiday i am pretty sure it will be a lot of fun..good luck friend..