Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Thunder our Smiley Dog

Here is a photo of Thunder our 5 months old English Mastiff. He's smiling on these photo! What a cute smile huh! hehe :-) He is such a lover boy, he's growing so fast than Princess and he is so cudly!
On these photo, he is just laying down on our big couch, sleeping and get lazy. That's why sometimes we called him "lazy lover boy" :-)
Eating time! Mostly Thunder and Princess share a lot on their food. They look so big on these photo and they are growing fast! They are both lovely dogs right?


~Deb said...

I once got an English Masstif <--sp? from a person who didn't treat him very well. It was from the pound and he needed a home. He was HUGE-----I mean, Great Dane size-----and he walked me! But, his fear and anxiety over the previous owners caused him to be very uncontrollable unfortunately. We had to give him up. They are beautiful dogs though!

LadyBanana said...

The smiling photo is very funny.. almost scary looking..lol