Monday, August 6, 2007

The Host Movie Review

When the first time i saw these movie, it really caught my attention and even my 19 months old son love it. The story of this movie was interesting its about family. A family who lost their love one that they will do everything just to find that little girl who trap at the big sewer and to kill that monster who took his daughter away from him. Eventhough some people dont believe him coz they think he is crazy and been affected by the virus, but he really fight to the end! that was interesting huh! The things that i like on these movie was, its all mixed with comedy, drama, action and horror. It's kinda interesting how they made these movie. The monster really looks real! But there's some part also that i dont like, that was when they see the monster on the river, they just acting like ignorant and take photos instead of running away so that they will not be in trouble. hehe anyway its part of the movie, if i rate these movie scale 1-10? i gave them 9! For me its awesome makes me cry at the end of these movie, sad story too. What you think people? have you seen this movie yet?

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