Saturday, July 28, 2007

My BlogCatalog Reviews

As one of the member of the BlogCatalog, I found it so interesting thats why i join on this site. I just found it when im starting doing my blogs at eblogger. It helps me a lot to get more traffic on my blogs! BlogCatalog helps me to met new bloggers around the world! This is what i like in BlogCatalog coz they are updated than others, sometimes my connection is slow but it works pretty good. Everyday i got more viewers on my blogs, more comments and i love joining at BlogCatalog Discussion. I learned a lot in there, and i do love visiting some of the members blogs too.

What Makes BlogCatalog Different?For me, its really had a big difference! when i found this website, makes me think that its really cool! They have interesting topic on blog discussion, members are so nice and they really do appreciate what you've done on your blogs. Professional bloggers can also help you to improve your blogs! it's kinda interesting huh! One time there's a bloggers tell me to write more interesting topics than writing just a personal blogs, he told me "why not post some of your sketches so that you can get more viewers on your blogs that having interested on sketch? So i did what he says and im glad coz my traffic on my blogs increased. Im so happy that time, so for me BlogCatalog is the best and its really had a big difference to any other site like these! I never had problem on it for these past few days. And I love keep coming back on BlogCatalog site and participate on some interesting discussion. So, to all people who's not a member of BlogCatalog please join us and be one of us!


Rocky John M. Tayaban said...

Hi. I've just read your post on BlogCatalog. Thank you for joining and thank you for the nice words.

Good luck..
Blogging Mix

lilyruth said...

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~Deb said...

I also feel that this website helps out a lot with html advice, template suggestions as well as what to do in order to get good quality readers- who will return.

It's a great learning forum if you ask me, and there are a lot of nice people who are so generous with their time and advice.

I'm glad I met you through there!