Monday, July 23, 2007

Hoover Dam Las Vegas

Hoover Dam is one of the place we visit in Las Vegas. It's about 40mins away from the city. We arrive there about 2pm, the weather is dry and hot. But even how hot it is, all visitors still want to see how big and deep the Hoover Dam is. We didn't stay for too long, we only took some pictures of it and we noticed that they are making a new bridge that's why its so traffic when we went there.


Digital Flower Pictures said...

When I went to Las Vegas last year the dam was closed! We had fun anyway and it looks like you did too.
I hope you don't mind me posting this link but I have a Las Vegas album on my photo website:

Las Vegas album

I found the area to be a lot of fun to take pictures.

Anonymous said...

wow ang ganda

Shay said...

would love to hear ur love story! may post ka about sa love story nio? i do hope na makapunta rin me sa Amerika! Im glad u like my monggo. U shud bring back some to Tate. Mura na masarap pa! at masustansiya pa! Yummy! thanks for coming