Thursday, June 28, 2007

making money by writing blog and taking surveys?

Blogging is really common on the internet world right now. Everyone likes to make their own blog to express their thoughts and opinions. Just like me, blogging is part of my routine, its like a diary book that if you want to tell about something interesting happen in your life then you can just write in there and express your thoughts and ideas to some of your friends and family or even other people who find your interesting topic online. When it comes to making your own blog make sure that your topic are interesting so that you can easily capture people's attention by reading your blog site.

While im searching online about "is it making blog can make money too?" i found that the answer is "yes!" just by posting an interesting blogs and put some advertisement that surely fits of what you post on your blog, like google adsense and yahoo publisher advertisement and so much more. You just need to research it to make it sure that its not part of scam. Im still trying to make something different here so that i can generate great constant traffic on my website or even here on my blog. Hope that i can get a lot of visitor too!

Taking surveys online are also one of the way to earn extra cash while your setting in front of your computer. I try some of the surveys company and it works pretty good as long you really love to do surveys and have patience to answer everything that they ask then it will credit it to your account. They pay little by little but at least it works out. Some of them if you participate some of their products then you can earn more but its up to you of course. Try just for signing up you can earn $5 dollars, it so easy right? so if your interested then you can try it if its works ok for you.

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