Friday, October 30, 2015

October is done!

What.... October is done? How come it went by so fast? Two more months and year 2015 is over and we will say hello to the year 2016. Well, I just hope that winter won't be bad this year. I am not looking forward for winter. I am not a winter person since I was born in a tropical country but I been here in the United States for almost 10 years now and I got used to it but still I miss my tropical country! Month of October seems very nice to me, its all peaceful and happy and the rest of the month too are the same. So for the upcoming more months, I wonder how it would be like? Hope it will be progressing spiritually, calm, peaceful and full of love and happiness. :-)

Got a new tire for our van...

Winter is coming and my husband want to make sure that me and my kids are safe this coming winter. He bought a new tire for our van and it was pretty good. It ain't cheap but it will help us for couple of years. Our old tires still good though, we sold it for $15 each or $50 for the four tires at slv yard sale online and we got it sold right away. They are good tires and they are still good for couple miles. Anyway, this week, we are also planning to get a new tire for our Montero. The tires in our Montero need to replace really bad that's why we didn't go for an off roading this past couple months. We need to wait until next year again maybe on Spring or Summer to do off roading. We like going to the mountain and do rock hounding. So hopefully we can do it again next year. Thanks to my loving husband for being such a caring husband and dad. He always think our safety first before anything else so I am so thankful for that. I am truly blessed. 

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Friday, October 9, 2015

Beautiful Pink Flower

Does anyone know what kind of flower is this? I saw this flower at my friends house and she told me about it but I already forgot. This flower is not really popular but I really love the color. Hope we can have this in our garden sometime next year. I really fell in love with this flower. They are smells good too. 

Pork and Chicken Adobo for our friends

My husband and I love to share our Pork and Chicken Adobo to our brother and sisters. This time, we heard that one of our brother was sick and since we promise the other brother to bring him the adobo, so we decided to make another extra to give out for another couple. So I put it in a 3 Tupperware good for 2 people each. Its nice to share and we truly love our elder brothers and sisters. They really enjoy  it and I am so happy that it turn out really good this time. :-)

What a huge tire for a Car!

What a big huge tire for a car! My 6 year old daughter thought that this is the coolest car ever! I guess this kind of car get a lot of attention on that early iron car show in Alamosa. I am not sure if they are selling it or maybe they just bring it for the show. My son likes old cars and any kind of cars and he is so fascinated with all those old cars, they really make it look really nice and new! All i can say, it was pretty cool and looking forward for another car show for next year!

Early Iron Car Show in Alamosa, CO.

Here are some pretty cool cars that caught our attention on that Early Iron Car Show in Alamosa. On the first picture, my daughter taught that the car looks like he has an eye, nose and mouth. She likes the color and I thought, that car is pretty cool. The picture at the end, this car looks like a green beetle that ready to fly. The third photo, the sound of that engine is pretty loud. My son thought that the one he is sitting on the second photo is nice and cool. So we had great time, there are tons of cars that are nice but its too much photos to post, so I just decided to post couple of them here. Enjoy!