Sunday, April 19, 2015

Met Apollo and Glo-berry, kids new pet

Here's our kids new pets (Guinea Pigs) we just bought it 2 days ago and the kids really had great time spending time with their pets, they are both males, my kids named them Apollo and Glo-Berry. They are putting them in their lap while watching TV trying to make them feel comfortable and feel loved. I'm glad they are enjoying their new pet, it takes a lot of care to care a new pet since we have 3 dogs already but just a small creature like them is just right :-)

crystal at crystal hill mine, Lagarita

These are some of the stuff we found at crystal hill mine, some of them are just broken pieces, the big rock that looks like starting to form a geodes, my husband said it was like a thunder egg or something, not sure what it is but we found that at the twin mountains. It was a nice rock hounding day, at least we found something and the kids just love picking interesting rocks.We have some couple crystals that we found at the crystal hill mine and hopefully next time we can find a good one that are valuable. Either its valuable or not, it was a good thing to do it as a family. 

Family Rock Hounding

Mostly on weekends, me and my family trying to do something fun together as a family. Sometimes we go for a road trip across the mountain, go rock hounding, or finding rocks for my rock paintings, go visit different towns to eat, go fishing on summer and hiking. At the photo above, we went for a rock hounding, its closer to where we live, its at the Crystal Mine, Lagarita, we really didn't dig a lot, we just looking on the sides or in the dump, we just do it for fun, the kids love it and just being there was really nice. We found couple pieces of broken crystals and some nice rocks. Next time we will try the twin mountains and try to look for an agate and geodes. Will see :-)