Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Month of November

Its been 3 years since my younger sister past away, she past away November 3, 2009 and now this month seems not a good month for me. Lot of people get sick and died this month. My aunt (elder sister of my mom) just past away couple days ago. One of our close friends here in the congregation, their grandfather just died too last week. We attend the funeral last Saturday. Then here's another one, one of our beloved sister in our congregation (she's like a grandmother to me) she fell and broke her ribs and she's in the hospital right now, good thing the surgery went well and they remove her to do rehab. The kids been sick too this past couple days. My 3 year old daughter been sick since last week and she's still have this stuffy nose and cough. We took her to the doctor last Monday and the doctor said we just need to keep an eye on her since she doesn't have a fever. Oh well, November is such a terrible month this year. Hopefully next month it wouldn't be like this.

Im back!

Its been a while since my last update at this blog. I been so busy this past couple weeks because of my rock painting, then going out on service and play with my wii zumba fitness. I also heard bad news from my family in the Philippines. I am sorry for the loss of my aunt, wish I could be there for her funeral. We also attend funeral from one of our close friend here in our congregation. It was very sad to lose someone that is the reason why I don't feel like updating my blog but I am here now, I am back for writing personal post and post new photos here. So happy blogging everyone!